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The Multimedia Slideshow in a Nutshell

Create slideshows with images (jpg, gif, png, bmp), audio (mp3, wav), movies (flv, mpg, avi) and animations (swf).

The design is fully customizable and translatable.

The slideshow had its own (wysiwyg) admin where slideshows can easily be edited and managed in a straight-forward way. Additionally, you can integrate the slideshow in your own admin or CMS (easy!).

No faceless multinational behind this program; just a couple of guys being really good at their stuff and helping you at the best of their abilities!

Installation is Easy and Free: Upload the slideshow to your website.
Then start playerSetup.php to configure it. It needs PHP and MySQL.

Go to download page

Free to use with a 5 sec. commercial before the first slide! Buy it and get rid of the commercial for good!

Have a look at different designs Test it by creating a slideshow